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Sandalwood is My Favorite #EssentialOil

  • SANDALWOOD (Santulum Albam) One of the oldest Perfume, has been used for at least two thousand years. Personalty the one Perfume I prefer .EXTRACTION DISTILLED:Family: Santalaccae Co 2 :The scent is balming, soft, warm and Woody. The tree begins producing oil after thirty years, and from the heart wood and some roots. Mysore, India, has high quality oil, which the government tries to regulate, but wild trees have been endangered for some time. We recommend cultivated Australian or Indonesia Sandalwood. In India, the oil is often Distilled with another plant at the same time to create an alter, although this ter is not always used correctly.MEDICINAL ACTION:Once a gonorrhea treatment, Sandalwood is still used for genital and urinary infection. It also counters inflammation, hemorrhoids, persistant cough, nausea, throat problems, and some types of nerve pain and fungal infection.AYURVEDA:Co 2 {pv-ka} (mm)Safed Chandan: Sankrit: Chandana A paste or emulsion made from the wood is used as a cooling dressing to treat swelling, over heated conditions and hot skin eruption, such as prickly heat. The essential oil is used to extract scabies outbreaks. The powdered wood is drunk in coconut milk to alleviate intense thirst or heat or sweetened and mixed with rice water for dysentery. Chakras:SANDALWOOD: Is an aphrodisiac and offers further rounding to transition from the first Chakra :EMOTIONS : Sandalwood improves depression, anxiety, stress and insomnia. Helps promote spiritual practices, peaceful relaxation, openness, and "rounding" and it comforts mourners during funeral ceremonies.ASSOCIATED OILS:Australian sandalwood (S. Spication) Very similar to Indian Sandalwood. Two newer oils from Australia are Siyasi and S. Austrcalidonicum: COSMETIC:Suitable for all hair and complexion types. Sandalwood is especially useful on rashes, inflammation, and mature DRY,ACNE-PRON, OR CHAPPED skin, and dry hair. It hastens the repair of damaged skin and reduces scarring. The essential oil inhibits Herpes simplex virus from replicating in the laboratory, working on the virus before itis absorbed and in a different manner then the drug acclovir. Rather then directly killing the infection. it seems to help cell protect themselves by reinforcing their protective envelopes and modulating liver process.SUSTAINABILITY:Sandalwood has a long history of being over harvested everywhere it is grown and it is difficult to cultivate and grows very slowly taking Twenty to Fifty years to reach Maturity. This parasite tree must be placed near a host tree while growing especially in its early years. It feeds off many species but seems to prefer a host plant that fixes nitrogen,such ad ones in the Acaciagenus. Seventeen Species of Sandalwood grow in the Pacific from Hawaii to Indonesia, into Australia and across the Indian ocean to India .
  • SOURCE : Aromatherapy: A complete Guide to the healing Arts :: pgs 20- 169-172,173- 209-224-225-226-152-153-
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Saturday, February 1, 2014

Essential Oil Spotlight of the February #Melissa

Melissa officinalis

MELISSA or Lemon Balm
One of the most Expensive Essential oils, Citrus like fragrance Know to Herbalists as "Lemon Balm ".

This European Native flavors many Liqueurs : Including Chartreuse , Cordial' Medoc , Aromatique ,and Alpenkrauter

 Distilled from leaves-sent is soft, lemony .
The Ratio of the two main Lemon like components,
Citral and Citronellal -
varies considerably depending on where it is grown and maturity of the plant >
Citronellal compounds tend to concentrate in older leaves .
In addition, both compounds are rapidly lost when the plant is dried and stored.
The Plant actually contains a relatively low amounts of essential oil (0.05 to 0.3 Percent )
The exception is some Mediterranean Cultures, Particularly from Spain, but still only 0.4 percent .
Not easily distilled Expensive, Low-yielding oil is often
adulterated with less costly Lemon, Lemon grass,
Citronella, litsea, Lemon Catnip, or even Lemon Eucalyptus .

Melissa is used to treat Lung congestion, high blood pressure,
Menstrual Pain Relief and Sometimes infertility >
It counters indigestion. Calming digestive track muscles and providing Pain Relief.
Decreases inflammation and fights viral and Bacterial infection
such as Staphylococcus.
Cosmetic/Skin Very Gental on Sensitive Skin .
Lemon Balm is a very good Antiseptic and Antioxidant
for complexion, dermatitis, inflammation, allergies ,
insect bits, and skin infection >
Melissa antiviral properties have been shown in studies to be particularly
effective against both herpes virus 1 and 2 ,
as well a related Chicken Pox.

Melissa was the main ingredient in The Medieval Carmelite
water along with lemon peel , nutmeg, coriander, and angelica .
(and splash on to improve complexion )
It is still produced as Eau de Melissa de Carnes and The German Klosterfrau Melissengeist.
Melissa Sedative action helps shock, distress, depression,
nervousness, anger, fear, forgetfulness and insomnia.
The famous Herbal healer Avicenna founded that it elevated mood,
and Gerard declared that it "maketh the heart merry, joyful, strengthen= the vital spirit "

LEMON CATNIP : (Nepeta Cataric) Grown for essential oil production
Excellent For cockroach- flee and mosquito repellent .


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