Sunday, September 14, 2014

Day 2 30 day VIDEO CHALLENGE Essential Therapeutic oils

Day 2 30 day VIDEO CHALLENGE  Essential Therapeutic oils ~~~ BALANCE !!~~

Dr. Susan Lawton explains Balance. Everyone experiences moments of disconnectedness or anxiety. The warm woody aroma of Balance, doTERRA's grounding blend, creates a sense of calm and well-being. We perfectly blend spruce, rosewood, franincense, and blue tansy to offer an enticing fragrance which  

Blend Ingredients
Rosewood Blue Tansy Frankincense Ho Wood Spruce

This Blend Addresses
Anxiety Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Nervousness
Application Techniques
Balancing blends contain oils that are geared toward the central nervous system and other body systems. If there are times when you feel confused, doubtful, unsettled, or in need of a sense of well-being, a balancing blend may be an excellent option.
For children who deal with ADD, ADHD, autism or bi-polar conditions, use a balancing blend to calm and balance moods.
For those who suffer mood swings, anxiety, temper problems or doldrums, a balancing blend may help calm and balance their emotions.
Diffusion is the most effect method of enjoying a balancing blend.
Use an inhaler or cup and tissue for school, office or on the go.
Direct application with massage to the feet, neck and back can be effective.
During times of anxiety for children, consider a massage application to their feet, neck, shoulders or back.


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